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The very late but thrilling debut of the TORNADO PINBALL book trailer

Back when I published the Storm Seekers novels, I made book trailers for FUNNEL VISION and ZAP BANG – but not for TORNADO PINBALL. And I LOVE this book. I was crazy busy, time went by, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it, in spite of the challenges involved in teasing to a book that plays like a big-budget movie in my mind. Well, while I …

1 June 2021: A farewell to Tornado Alley amid the prairie dogs of Oklahoma

While June 1 wasn’t technically a storm chase, it was our farewell to the 2021 Tornado Alley safari. Alethea Kontis and I didn’t have a whole lot of time for tourism this year, given we were chasing almost the entire trip, so we put aside a few hours on our last day in the Plains for a favorite stop. First we paused in Hollis, Oklahoma, to …

30 May 2021: A bear and a tornado in New Mexico

On some chases, you get the bear. And on other chases, the bear gets you. You could say Alethea Kontis and I got the bear on May 30 as we chased in New Mexico with Dave Lewison and Scott McPartland. We were northeast of Clayton, and the guys got ahead of us as I spotted a critter climbing on a power pole. It appeared to be …




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Sky Diary storm chasing reports index

Chris Kridler’s storm chasing reports are organized here by year. You can also browse all the storm and sky posts in the blog.

🎥 = includes video


10 February 2021: Sun halos in central Florida
2 April 2021: Video of wonderful wind and waves on the lagoon 🎥
14 May 2021: Texas travels and lightning on Route 66 🎥
15 May 2021: Sparky lightning storms in the Oklahoma Panhandle 🎥
16 May 2021: Magical spinning storm at Earth, Texas 🎥
17 May 2021: Dusty, tornadic UFO supercell near Brownfield, Texas 🎥
18 May 2021: Tornadic supercell in southwest Texas 🎥
20 May 2021: Hailstorms and rainbows in northern Colorado 🎥
21 May 2021: Messy storms in scenic western Nebraska
23 May 2021: Colorado storms, funnel and lightning 🎥
24 May 2021: Spectacular spinning supercells in Kansas 🎥
25 May 2021: Gorgeous Texas Panhandle supercell, sunset and lightning 🎥
26 May 2021: Kansas mothership supercell and atmospheric beauty 🎥
28 May 2021: Eerie supercell, hail and lightning at Roswell, New Mexico 🎥
29 May 2021: Colorado tornado and Jurassic lightning in Oklahoma 🎥
30 May 2021: A bear and a tornado in New Mexico 🎥
1 June 2021: A farewell to Tornado Alley amid the prairie dogs of Oklahoma


20 April 2020: Florida chase of rotating storms
26 May 2020: Lightning in Viera, Florida – or desperate times call for desperate chases
22 June 2020: East-central Florida lightning storms


27 March 2019: Florida hailstorm caught Space Coast by surprise 🎥
17 May 2019: Nebraska tornado and lightning 🎥
18 May 2019: Beautiful Oklahoma storms 🎥
19 June 2019: Severe storm rocks the boats at Port Canaveral 🎥


20 March 2018: Tornado-warned storms in central Florida
17 May 2018: Pretty storms and funnels in Kansas and Oklahoma


16 May 2017: Texas-Oklahoma tornadoes
18 May 2017: Oklahoma tornado and beautiful storms 🎥
22 May 2017: Spectacular sunset storms in New Mexico
21 August 2017: Playing with solar eclipse shadows 🎥
10 September 2017: Hurricane Irma whips the coast in east-central Florida


7 May 2016: Beautiful tornadoes at Wray, Colorado 🎥
20th season of storm chasing starts with tornadoes
9 May 2016: Stunning, violent tornadoes near Elmore City, Oklahoma | New video – short edit 🎥
11 May 2016: Texas Panhandle severe storms and lightning
14 May 2016: Oklahoma scenery and ‘Twister’ event in Wakita 🎥
16 May 2016: Oklahoma Panhandle tornadoes and severe storms in Texas
18 May 2016: New Mexico storms and Texas scenes
21 May 2016: Stunning spinning tornadic supercell and lightning at Leoti, Kansas 🎥
22 May 2016: Spearman, Texas, tornadoes and wild wind 🎥
24 May 2016: ‘Tornado machine’ supercell at Dodge City, Kansas 🎥
28 September 2016: Dazzling lightning at Cocoa, Florida, water tower | Info on prints
Best of 2016: Video and slide show depict best of spectacular tornadoes, lightning and skyscapes 🎥


April 2015: April showers – actually, photogenic thunderstorms in Florida
8 May 2015: Tornadic storm and lightning in Texas
9 May 2015: Storms, rainbows and lightning in southwest Kansas and the Oklahoma Panhandle
13 May 2015: Tornado at Guthrie, Texas 🎥
15 May 2015: Southwest Nebraska storms and lightning 🎥
16 May 2015: Beautiful layered shelf cloud in Nebraska
22 May 2015: Colorado storms, rainbows and mini-mothership
23 May 2015: Tornado-warned storm and more in Colorado
25 May 2015: Severe Kansas storms
27 May 2015: Canadian, Texas, tornadoes 🎥
29 May 2015: Severe storms and spectacular sunset from New Mexico to Texas
1 July 2015: Lightning over the ocean in Florida
2 July 2015: Sea turtles nesting under a full moon in Florida
6 July 2015: Dramatic Florida arcus cloud
13 August 2015: Beautiful shelf cloud over Satellite Beach, Florida
Summer 2015: Florida storms and random bolts
30 September 2015: Big waves at Cocoa Beach, Florida, from offshore Hurricane Joaquin


29 March 2014: Tornado-warned storms whip through central Florida 🎥
15 April 2014: Severe Florida storm and stunning shelf cloud
19 May 2014: Severe Nebraska mothership supercell 🎥
20 May 2014: Beautiful spinning, tornado-warned storm in Colorado 🎥
21 May 2014: Tornado-warned storm in central Colorado 🎥
26 May 2014: Tornado-warned rotating southwest Texas storms 🎥
1 June 2014: Severe storms in northwest Kansas
5-6 June 2014: Severe storms from Colorado to New Mexico and a wee-hours lightning show in Texas
9 July 2014: Striated shelf cloud over the Indian River Lagoon, Cocoa, Florida
REVIEW: ‘Into the Storm’ gets storm chasing all wrong, but the tornadoes are eye-popping
14 July 2014: Shelf cloud from Cocoa to Cocoa Beach, Florida
27 July 2014: A crazy week for Florida storms
9 August 2014: Beautiful shelf cloud in Brevard County, Florida
2014 storms and skies in photographs: a slide show 🎥


24 March 2013: A Florida squall line starts the chase season 🎥
Storm chasing gear: How to build a DIY car laptop computer mount
14 April 2013: Tornado-warned storms threaten Florida east coast 🎥
29 April 2013: Lucky lightning over Port Canaveral, Florida
11 May 2013: Severe storm hits Rockledge with wind, hot lightning 🎥
16 May 2013: Lightning storms in northwest Kansas
17 May 2013: Scenic Nebraska storms and shelf cloud
18 May 2013: Kansas tornadoes, just in time 🎥
20 May 2013: Small Oklahoma tornado on the day of a tragic large one 🎥
24 May 2013: Seductive swirls in Colorado-Nebraska storm 🎥
26 May 2013: Nebraska tornado-warned supercell and lightning 🎥
27 May 2013: Central Kansas storms and cloud acrobatics 🎥
28 May 2013: Long-lasting Bennington, Kansas, tornado 🎥
31 May 2013: Record-wide, deadly tornado at El Reno, Oklahoma 🎥
Analysis: Storm chasers, media, public all had role in drama of El Reno tornado 🎥
Tornado Alley 2013 odds and ends: Storms, busts, people and culture 🎥
18 June 2013: Lightning over Port Canaveral, Florida
11 July 2013: Pretty storms roll through Space Coast 🎥
‘The Chase’: fun with stop-motion, starring toys and tornadoes 🎥
21 July 2013: shelf cloud and storm in Cocoa Beach, Florida
22 July 2013: Dreamy storm over Satellite Beach, Florida
20 August 2013: Blue moon bolts – photos of full moon and lightning 🎥
Storms of 2013: A review in photos 🎥


Best storms of 2012: video highlights 🎥


30 May 2001: Storm-chase flashback: Hail barrage at Mile Marker 6 🎥

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