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Welcome to the all-new Sky Diary Storm Stuff Store! Find gifts, stickers, books, art photography prints, and T-shirts for storm chasers and weather geeks here. Find products from multiple high-quality vendors sporting Sky Diary’s weather- and storm-related designs.

Beautiful art prints of skies and storms

Explore storm and sky photos by Chris Kridler

Check out photography of tornadoes, lightning, supercells and more and buy beautiful art prints from Florida, Tornado Alley and beyond.


Caution Tornado! Storm Chasers stickers, gifts and more apparel

Caution Tornado Storm Chasers gifts
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Caution Tornado! Storm Chasers T-shirts in multiple colors

Caution Tornado Storm Chasers T-shirt

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“Going where the wind takes me” tornado T-shirts, stickers and more


T-shirts in multiple colors and styles, stickers and more! Shop now at Redbubble


Weather Weenie T-shirts in multiple colors

Weather Weenie T-shirt for weather geeks
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Weather Weenie gifts, stickers and more apparel

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The horizontal version – stickers and mugs

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Lightning mask and more

Fun, stylish masks in basic and fitted premium (new!). (These cloth masks are not intended for medical settings.)

Now available:

Vaccinated – Thanks, Science! on buttons, stickers, magnets and more

Vaccinated – Thanks, Science! In buttons, T-shirts, stickers and more


We Got The Shots – Thanks, Science

We Got the Shots – Thanks Science makes a great sticker for your car or laptop.






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Dazzling blue lightning leggings

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Other fun blue lightning stuff

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Dazzling blue lightning home decor

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Gray Sky lightning leggings

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Travel mugs

Sunflowers mug
Lightning mug

Aloha tiki cocktail mug


I don’t brake for tornadoes but I yield to flying cows stickers

In various sizes, from notebook eye candy to bumper stickers.

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Darwin’s cat

When evolution takes another step, you get Darwin’s cat. Available on apparel and stickers.

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Tiki cocktails tropical aloha fun

On apparel and other products.

A-line dress
Chiffon top
Device cases and more

The Storm Seekers Series: Storm-chasing adventure novels by Chris Kridler

Learn more on the Books page or go straight to your favorite bookstore:

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Storm Seekers Series storm-chasing adventures
Get each novel separately in ebook or paperback . . .
Storm Seekers Series storm-chasing adventures boxed set
Or buy the digital boxed set


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