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Cocoa, Florida, lightning by Chris Kridler
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Latest blog posts

11 May 2024: Aurora chase part 2 — cosmic Northern Lights beauty and stars over the Badlands!

  Exclamation points. I know. In two blog headlines in a row. But this was one of those moments that totally deserved exclamation points — May 10 in Kansas and May 11 in South Dakota, where Alethea Kontis and I photographed the Northern Lights. I’m including the video in both posts because it’s fabulous and …

10 May 2024: Aurora chase part 1 — spectacular Northern Lights show in Kansas!

While the prospect of storms was marginal during the first week of our storm chasing trip, we found ourselves tempted by another type of storm: the powerful magnetic storm predicted for May 10, 2024. I’d never seen the Northern Lights, and it was a bucket list item for me and for Alethea. We were pretty …




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