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Cocoa, Florida, lightning by Chris Kridler
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A severe storm blew through Florida’s Space Coast on June 19, 2019. I awaited it at Port Canaveral and shot it coming in over Exploration Tower. Then I watched it make conditions gnarly for boats in the port. It wasn’t a great day for boating, to say the least. I’ve never seen waves like that on the water there.

I do my best each spring to try to capture the magic that is night-blooming cereus. This cactus vine produces flowers that each bloom for just one night. The plant comes in various forms; the one climbing up our deck and a palm tree looks kind of like a snake the rest of the year.

Honeybees retire in the evening, so I’m not a hundred percent sure if those were the bees so excited about the pollen in the bloom I captured on video. The flower begins to open right at sunset, so there was still some light in the sky. I’d never seen anything like it in my time-lapses from previous years, and it was really amazing! Once it got dark, the bees went home, and the flower finished opening, still covered with ants and other insects.

May 18 was one of those chase days that was pleasantly low-pressure. Alethea Kontis and I chased with old friends, and we didn’t find any tornadoes, just beautiful storms from Alva to Enid, Oklahoma, culminating in amazing sunset colors in the turbulent clouds.

The time-lapse video is hypnotic, and I was delighted with the photo opportunities on the beautiful farm road where we wrapped up the chase as golds, oranges and blues roiled through the clouds.