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I work one-on-one with authors, offering professional services that include copy editing, book formatting and cover design. Drawing on university training and journalism experience as a copy editor, as well as more than twenty-five years as a professional writer, editor, photographer, designer and videographer, I can give you the assistance you need to self-publish your book or get your manuscript ready to submit to agents and publishers. I offer honest critiques that go beyond usage and punctuation and help you achieve the tone, meaning and message you want to convey with your writing and presence as an author.

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“Chris not only came up with the cover … but she went on to give a deep edit of my work — reviewing content and flow as well as all other editorial issues. Chris doesn’t just tell you that it doesn’t work — she tells you why and then, bonus of bonuses, she suggests how you can make it pop! … Chris Kridler will help you from start to finish in making your book the best it can be for self-publishing.”

~ Jill Wallace
Author, War Serenade

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Copy editing and developmental editing

Copy editing: I offer copy editing with extras, including line edits and suggestions depending on your needs, with a dose of developmental editing. I edit your manuscript for grammar, spelling and punctuation; note problems with clarity and consistency; make your book conform to a standard publishing style guide (such as The Chicago Manual of Style) while respecting your preferences and voice; and suggest changes. With each copy edit, I will include a written summary to highlight both small changes and any larger issues with your manuscript. I charge by the word and not per hour so that I can do a thorough edit of your work, in electronic format — Microsoft Word, with edits and notes embedded via Track Changes, so that you can accept or reject them.

RATES: For copy editing, my standard rate is $8 per 1000 words. E.g. $320 for 40,000 words; $400 for 50,000; $480 for 60,000 words; $560 for 70,000; and so on. (50,859 words, for example, would be charged at the 50,000-word rate, and 51,323 at the 51,000-word rate.) Copy edits of books of high complexity (e.g. nonfiction books with extensive footnotes) may cost more. (Compare with industry standards.)

FREE SAMPLE: I will edit a sample of up to 1000 words from the beginning of your book (about four pages, double-spaced) for free before both parties commit to a full edit, to ensure you will get what you need from a copy edit.

Developmental editing: I will do an overall critique/developmental edit of your novel, including a detailed summary and additional notes in the text. The edit will consider story, structure, character and tone. This service is ideal when you want an early assessment of your completed novel and suggestions on what you need to improve. $4 per 1000 words


Conversion and formatting of ebooks and paperbacks

Ebook and paperback formatting: Have your book converted and formatted into an attractive ebook ready for upload to all the major services: Amazon, Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, Google Play, Draft2Digital and anyone who takes mobi and epub files. If you wish, I will prepare your print book’s interior to meet industry standards for publication and deliver a PDF ready to upload. Starting at $45 for ebook+print, for novels/text-driven books (custom graphics may cost more)

“Thank you so much for the great price, the speedy service, and excellent attention to detail. You have a good eye for getting the mood just right when creating covers.”

~ Naomi Bellina
Author of The Messed-Up Heroes Series

Book covers

Book covers: I will work with you and your art, or purchased stock art, to create an eye-catching cover (front only for ebook, or front, spine and back for print). Samples appear in the slide show at the top of the page. Covers starting at $149

Author photos and publicity materials

Author photos: In an hourlong portrait session, get professional author photos for use in publicity and on your book. $125 [See sample portraits]

First steps to marketing – photos + press release: A media kit with photos and a press release helps introduce you to the press. I will write your initial news release, craft and edit a Q&A interview with you for your website/media kit, and take professional author photos that will help you launch your book. $175

Promotional graphics: Get a package of ten small promotional graphics for social media (for one or multiple titles) to promote your book(s). I’ll work with you to determine what you need. $125

“Chris Kridler was the shepherd of my story from editing to publication. Her expertise in cover design, formatting both paperback and e-book, as well as the first phase of promotion, including website, press release and photography, allowed me to become an author and tell my story. Could not have done it without her!”

~ Rick Townson
Author of Hotel Fidel Castro: An American’s Nine Years in the Cuban Gulag

Book trailers and video interviews

Promote your work with a professional video book trailer or on-camera interview. Or do a series of short videos filmed in one session, perfect for social media or your Patreon content. Starting at $295 [See more videos]

“I shot my book trailer with Chris, and I couldn’t be happier. I told her what I was looking for, to re-create the first chapter of my novel Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light as if it was a movie, and she came back with a shot by shot listing of how she would film the trailer. On the day of the shoot she was on time and filled with fantastic ideas on how to bring my book to life. She used many different techniques that in editing produced exactly what I was looking for. I would recommend Chris for any projects and will definitely use her again. Her rates are reasonable, she is extremely professional, and she gives your project 110% of her efforts.”

~ Jaimie Engle
Author, Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light

About Chris Kridler

Chris Kridler

Chris Kridler

Chris Kridler trained as a copy editor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she graduated summa cum laude with a double major in journalism and English and a great love for literature and books of all genres. She has more than twenty-five years of experience as a copy editor, reporter, designer, photographer and videographer, and she has published several novels under two names. She edits, designs and formats books for other authors, helping them through the process of self-publishing. Chris has a critic’s eye thanks to extensive experience in indie publishing, professional editing, creative writing classes, literature classes and critique groups; in addition, she has written book reviews for multiple newspapers, including The Baltimore Sun. She is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors. An award-winning author, she chases tornadoes in her spare time.

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