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Welcome to the new home of Sky Diary!

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Welcome! Sky Diary’s new home is here on my official site, (the main menu is above in case you’re looking for the Chris Kridler home page, author services, books and more). I started chasing storms in 1997 and soon after that developed a website, first on America Online and then on the web. After building Sky Diary for more than twenty years in HTML, it became a bit creaky. I’m capturing the best of and transferring it to this site for a more reader-friendly experience. See the latest chase reports here on the blog and in the new index of storm chasing reports from recent years (continually updated as I add more of the archives). Stay tuned for updates.

Here we are photographing a spectacular low-precipitation supercell with mammatus over Earth, Texas, on May 16, 2021.


Storm Chasing 2022

Cow is our loyal companion on the road.

Alethea Kontis and I are preparing to hit the road in May to chase storms in Tornado Alley. You can see posts from last year in the blog. You can read about our adventures here and on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube (please subscribe!).




The kids’ storm pages are live!

NOW ONLINE AND UPDATED: KIDSTORM! These pages are chock-full of facts about tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and storm chasing – interesting information for kids and grown-ups, too. Go!

Recent posts on skies and storm chasing

8 May 2022: Mystic moments of peace at Carhenge in Nebraska

This is turning into the roadside America storm-chasing tour. After dodging the town goose in Oshkosh, Nebraska (see pic), we had a chance to visit Carhenge in Alliance today. Well, we really made that chance by going out of our way to be here, but I love this spot, and Alethea had never seen it before. And we wanted to see something cool before …

7 May 2022: Twine, trains and storms from Kansas to Nebraska

We’re making the most of the storms, such as they are. On our first real chase day of 2022, we visited the World’s Largest Ball of Sisal Twine in Cawker City, Kansas. The delightful Linda Clover, caretaker of the twine, happened to be in the pavilion in the center of town helping a pair of newlyweds add twine to this roadside landmark. So I …

6 May 2022: Two storm chasers on the road west with a plastic cow

It’s time for Storm Chasing 2022! Even if we missed all the amazing storms at the end of April and the very start of May. Alethea Kontis and I took a couple of days to travel out to Tornado Alley from Florida – realizing halfway through the journey that the weather pattern had changed from promising for storms to a much more challenging one. …

4 May 2022: Waterspout in Cocoa, Florida

I’m literally on the eve of heading to Tornado Alley for the annual storm chasing trip, which means I dropped my Honda CR-V at the dealership for an oil change. Hubby picked me up, and I immediately saw that the fast-growing cumulus tower I’d been watching had something under it – a funnel cloud! The late, great chaser Jim Leonard always said to look …

30 April 2022: Nightfall at Port Canaveral – a magical timelapse video

All of a sudden I’m caught in a whirlwind of preparations for storm chasing and probably leaving much earlier than I’d thought. Alethea Kontis and I will discuss our options and may be hitting the road later this week. Work obligations have prevented me from leaving Florida so far this year. It’s always hard to miss big events like the mind-blowing Andover, Kansas, tornado, …




Some of my favorite chases

Chase 2016: Incredible 20th year

My Tornado Alley chase was incredible in 2016, with many tornadoes and photogenic storms. 

2016: Katie-Wynnewood, Oklahoma, tornado

May 9, 2016: Entire life cycle of violent EF4 tornado

2005: Texas hail and tornado

May 12, 2005: Giant hail batters chase vehicles after large tornado near South Plains, Texas

2004: Attica, Kansas, tornadoes

May 12, 2004, Attica, Kansas, tornadoes




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Cocoa, Florida, lightning by Chris Kridler
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