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Welcome! Sky Diary’s new home is here on my official site, (the main menu is above in case you’re looking for the Chris Kridler home page, author services, books and more). I started chasing storms in 1997 and soon after that developed a website, first on America Online and then on the web. After building Sky Diary for more than twenty years in HTML, it became a bit creaky. I’m capturing the best of and transferring it to this site for a more reader-friendly experience. See the latest chase reports here on the blog and in the new index of storm chasing reports from recent years (continually updated as I add more of the archives). Stay tuned for updates.

Alethea and Chris pose in front of a supercell at Colby, Kansas, in 2021. Photo by William T. Hark,


Storm Chasing 2023

Cow is our loyal companion on the road.

Alethea Kontis and I will be heading out to Tornado Alley in May. You can see all the storm chasing posts from previous years in the blog (with the exception of some very old posts I’m still moving to this site as time allows). You can read about our adventures here and on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube (please subscribe!).



Recent posts on skies and storm chasing

30 April 2023: SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket launch at twilight

  SpaceX launched a Falcon Heavy rocket from Kennedy Space Center at twilight on April 30, 2023, with the ViaSat 3 internet satellite and two other payloads. I went to Cocoa Village to try to get a shot. It was about a half hour after sunset, and I could have tried a streak shot but worried it wouldn’t be quite dark enough for the …

29 April 2023: LOUD hailstorm chase on Florida’s Space Coast

  This is the third day out of four that I ended up storm chasing. Today’s chase was even more spontaneous than Thursday’s, as I’d been at an event for most of the afternoon and visibility was terrible today. But then, in spite of the murk, I saw the cool structure on this severe storm and couldn’t resist. Besides, the hail core looked decent, …

April 26-27, 2023: Two days of chasing severe and tornado-warned Florida storms

  Severe storms two days in a row. With hail. And tornado warnings. In Florida? And I got to chase them both. It’s been a weird week for us here in east-central Florida and the Space Coast, but the weather reflects the overall weather pattern, with the southern branch of the jet stream enhancing our chances of severe storms. On Wednesday, April 26, Alethea …

14 April 2023: Lightning zaps the Space Coast

  After the epic 25+ inches of rain in two days and flooding in Fort Lauderdale this week, you’d think we’d all be swimming in rain in Florida. But our place on the Space Coast is still dry. Just a few showers are only teasing the plants rather than making them truly happy. I like to have a lush tropical garden.     Yes, …

The AI conundrum for writers, artists and the human imagination

I’ve been playing a lot with Wombo Dream AI, a fun little art app and one of the many ways to generate AI art these days. AI, AI, AI. Are we sick of hearing about artificial intelligence yet? Well, you’re going to hear about it a lot more. Not to date myself, but those of us of a certain age remember when the Internet …

18 January 2023: Sunrise and SpaceX launch

Being a morning person is a good quality for a photographer who strives to capture the best light of the day. I’m not a morning person. However, I will drag myself out of bed for a predawn SpaceX launch in hopes of getting cool light effects. Only this morning I woke up extra early, took the dogs out and found the launch had been …




Some of my favorite chases

Chase 2016: Incredible 20th year

My Tornado Alley chase was incredible in 2016, with many tornadoes and photogenic storms. 

2016: Katie-Wynnewood, Oklahoma, tornado

May 9, 2016: Entire life cycle of violent EF4 tornado

2005: Texas hail and tornado

May 12, 2005: Giant hail batters chase vehicles after large tornado near South Plains, Texas

2004: Attica, Kansas, tornadoes

May 12, 2004, Attica, Kansas, tornadoes




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Cocoa, Florida, lightning by Chris Kridler
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